Moving an Omeka instance

I’m having issues with the moving of an Omeka instance to another server.

I followed the instructions provided at

Here is the issue:

When we setup the test server, we installed the software to the root web directory of /html. When we moved the contents to MARB, we put the contents of the site in /html/subdirectory. So, now, all of the links that were there as well as (it appears) the links that are newly created since the move, they all are trying to go to /html/items instead of /html/subdirectory/items (for example). Due to using the subdirectory, there is NO items link in /html, so, every time the link is clicked, it returns a 404 error page.

Is there any way or anywhere to change the root path of the Omeka instance so that it will point to /html/subdirectory?

What kind of links are we talking about here, just the navigation menu, manually written links in things like Simple Pages, or automatically generated links (like the links to specific items from the browse page)?

Thank you for your prompt response.

For example, if you go to; on the map that shows up on the home page, there are multiple cities you can click on. If you click on Chicago, the tab opens up (that says Dental School). Once you click that tab to actually go to the item, it attempts to send you to, which returns a 404 error page.

If you place georgiajourneys in the path, it goes to where it is supposed to go: (I am unable to post a second link, but it should be marb(dot)kennesaw(dot)edu/georgiajourneys/items/show/6

That is the issue that we’re having.

I’m the sysadmin for the server and i’ve contacted and alerted the primary user of the software to this topic, so she may be joining in on the conversation.

I also noticed that the links on the About page still point to the dev server instead of the current server.

Manually written links like things on the insides of Simple Pages would just have to be updated.

As for the map example you gave, it looks like Omeka’s automatically-generated links are working correctly (for example, the text links underneath the map on the Stories page). It looks like it’s just the stuff within the map itself that’s out of date. I guess that’s coming from Curatescape, so you or the user might need to ask the Curatescape developers for help with the plugin specifically.

Hi there @msands3. At the moment, Curatescape doesn’t work very well when running in a subdirectory ( It expects a root domain ( or a subdomain ( That’s a bug and it will get fixed at some point, but if you have the option, I’d suggest just changing the location of the installation to either a root or subdomain. – Erin

Quick followup, I just pushed some updates to the theme repository that address the issues with subdirectory installations. You can check them out here: