Move image to top of record in Neatline

Hi. I have a class working on a project using Timeline in Omeka S. I’d like to move the image to the top of the record in timeline so when a user clicks on the map point they see the image first (this is happening when you choose the “view in Omeka” option but not in the record in Timeline).

I’ve found instructions in legacy forums for moving an image (such as here, but when I go in to the show.php file for the theme (the theme is The Daily, if it matters), I’m not seeing anything that looks like a files_for_item call (more to the point, neither is my partner, who is a web designer, nor are the nice people at reclaim hosting to whom I reached out). I’ve looked at some of the neatline files that would seem relevant and am not seeing anything in them either.

I’d super appreciate any guidance.

Can you clarify which module(s) you’re using?

You mention Timeline in the body of your post, but the title says “Neatline.”

apologies, I always do that! Neatline.

Can you show a screenshot of the problematic page that you’d like to change (or a link to it)?

It sounds from your description like it’s just the regular Omeka item view you want to change.

Currently if you click a pin in neatline, the record has the picture at the bottom: Mapping Mexico City's 20th Century History

if you “view the record in omeka” it opens to a page where the image is at the top: Estadio Olimpico Universitario · Mapping Mexico City's 20th Century History

however, since neatline is the way people will be accessing the exhibit and the students are adding in significant descriptions, it would be great if the record in Neatline also opened with the image at the top

thanks so much for looking into this–I’m super appreciative!

So, this is an Omeka Classic site then, not Omeka S. I’ve moved this post to the Classic category accordingly.

I don’t think you have your Neatline exhibit set to public, so we can’t see it with your link. But, I’m understanding the problem now as: you’re happy with the way the record looks, with the image on top, in the “view in omeka” link, but not within Neatline, yes?

The fix or change here is going to have to be in Neatline, then. I don’t know if there’s currently any official source for Neatline support to point you at. I’d expect that a change somewhere in the “views” folder of Neatline would be what you’d be looking for to change the order of things. The file views/shared/exhibits/item.php looks particularly promising, but this is really a guess.