Move Exhibits to Main Navigation list

Can I move my exhibits to the main navigation dropdown, so visitors don’t have to hit open sesame (“Exhibits”) before seeing the treasure? I don’t see the utility of having them nested under Exhibits if they’re the centerpiece of the site. Thanks!

In the site’s Navigation settings, you could turn off the default Exhibits entry and then add manual entries for each exhibit you want to appear there.

Right, I’d tried that to no avail. When I added a new entry, named it Maps, and gave it the URL “/cwfronts/maps,” Maps appears on the Navigation list with an X next to the > arrow. When I go to the Maps page I see 404.
I’ve missed a step somewhere between cancelling Exhibits and making manual entries to replace it.

Try using the full path rather than a relative one (so [your url]/exhibits/show/maps)

I’ve tried this, too. I create the path just as you said, /cwfronts/exhibits/show/maps, and it shows up on the Navigation list with an X before the >. I go to said page and get 404.

What triggers the X?

Can you show us a screenshot? Or even better, give a link to the site?

I’m not totally sure what’s going on with the “X” you’re describing.

The front end link is and the back end:

Here are screenshots:

  1. I open a new one, aiming to replace “Exhibits” with the main exhibit, “Maps.” I enter the URL: /cwfronts/exhibits/show/maps. (Note: I’ve tried entering just /cwfronts/maps but get the same result that you see below: 404.)

Here’s the 2nd shot:

  1. I add the new link, and Maps comes up with an X in front of the >. When I visit the maps site, I get 404.

The X allows you to remove the custom URL.

In order to include the custom URL nav item, you need to check the box for nav block (the one to the left of the word maps

Also, try using rather than cwfronts/exhibits/show/maps

Yes, I’d checked the box for nav block.
But your tip on including the whole URL worked! This is strange, seeing as the simple pages worked without “nkrutter//:” (e.g. “/cwfronts/about”).
Many thanks!