Move Alt text Module's property to Core Location: Media>Advanced>Alt text

Omeka 3.2.2
Alt Text 1.3.0
Chrome 109.0.5414.119

In the past, I used the dc:description field of each media for the alt text property. Looking to migrate to the new core alt text field (thanks so much for embedding it!!!).

I’m a little confused on how to get the text in the dc:description from each media to migrate to the new core location: Media>Advanced>Alt text

I ran the “migrate texts to core” task and only a handful (~7) did so (there are thousands of media). I’d like to remove the module (1 less to update :tada:) . I will update my documentation in the meantime but would love to get all the media alt text moved to the core.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much!

“Migrate texts to core” only brings over ones you had explicitly set, not the “default” or “fallback” ones controlled by the “Alt text property” setting.

The core alt text feature just has an equivalent setting of its own, in the global Settings, under General: “Media alt text property” . Setting that to DC Description will get you the same behavior you have with the old Alt Text module: if you have a specific text set for a media in Advanced, that will be used, otherwise the DC Description.

Thanks! Just to confirm my process:

I select dc:description in the global settings

Then I can delete the alt-text module and use the advanced>alt text field moving forward.

All media with either the dc:description (managed under global settings) OR text under advanced>alt text field will render alt-text?


Yes. The core alt text feature works the same as the module’s: if there’s alt text set directly in the alt text field on the media, then that’s used. If there isn’t then it will look up the set property from the settings and use that.

If you want to test it out before uninstalling the module, you can first disable the Alt Text module: then you’ll only be seeing what the core itself does.

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Great! Successful testing. Thanks so much!