"More Settings" Resource Template

Can anyone tell me more about the “More settings” area on a resource template? The little blurb under it says
Allow to pass some settings, usually for theme and generally via key-value pairs or json.


This is coming from a module, I expect?

It could be part of the “Advanced Resource Template” module?

Actually, now that I went and looked at the “Advanced Resource Template” module, I’m pretty sure that’s where it came from.

Near the bottom of the readme.md file, I found this section: Advanced Resource Template: other services about querying other Omeka S services. Is this possibly a way to tell it to use an item’s thumbnail as the thumbnail for its media as well?

Yes, the module Advanced Resource Template adds more settings to the resource templates.

The feature you talk about is an old feature that allows to autofill records. You config one, attach it to the template and when you edit the resource, there is an input field in the top where you can search a resource and fill the record. It is like value suggest, but for a whole record and customizable.

This feature was developed for Manioc (in public beta version) who wanted to have records for authors locally, but with metadata from IdRef, the French academic database, so it avoid to copy each field manually. You can even import records from other omeka installations.

Thank you for clearing up that mystery for me.