More engaging Exhibit plugin? -- multi column, image use, etc

I have developed an Omeka site for users at my institution, and have several groups interested in the archival and collection side. However, most would like more flexibility and contemporary looks for the exhibit. Among requests are more dynamic sizing of images, mutiple column display, and formats that platforms such as Weebly, Wix, and Wordpress offer. I’ve hired a student assistant with graphic design and CSS experience to work on this for the semester. We are both wondering if there’s any one at Omeka or at other institutions who would be interested in sharing resources or partnering. Thanks.

Definitely interested in a more flexible and contemporary look for online exhibits. However, we’re relative neophytes at working with Omeka (and Omeka S) and haven’t yet had an opportunity to explore the basics of customizing a theme, etc. Nothing in production but I’ve been working on sample proof-of-concept collections populated with the CSVImport plugin for metadata and bringing in .jpg images from one of our DSpace repositories (referenced through URL’s in the metadata). I’m not a developer, strictly speaking, but would be very interested to hear more of what you have in mind.