Modules do not appear


We recently upgraded to Omeka S 3.0. We had tried upgrading a few times before (but it failed for various reasons). However, we recently were able to upgrade through jumping through a few hoops.

However, when modules are added to the modules folder (by extracting zipped folders to that location), modules do not appear when logged in as admin. Message reads “Omeka could not find any modules.” I checked the SQL database and modules are missing from that and not being added. We are still able to add items and change the theme – it’s just that modules are not being added to the database and therefore do not appear on the admin panel.

Thanks for any help you might provide!

Modules are only recorded in the database when you install them from the Modules page.

If they’re not being listed there, that means Omeka S can’t see the folders themselves inside the modules folder. Obviously just double-check that you’re putting them in the right place, then if that’s okay the next thing I’d check would be permissions, to make sure the web server has permission to read and “execute” those folders.

Resolved, thanks! They were being installed in the wrong modules folder.

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