Modules and plugins

Hello! This is my first time managing an Omeka-S installation, and I wanted to know if and how it was possible to install an Omeka-S plugin (such as Exhibit Image Annotation or Text Annotation) for a site on Omeka-S. I see that Omeka-S has “modules” rather than “plugins,” but is it still possible to install plugins on individual sites? When I uploaded the plugin to the modules folder, I got an “Error: invalid config/module.ini file” error message in the Modules tab.

Thank you!

Only the modules that are in the Omeka S Modules directory are compatible with Omeka S.

The two plugins that you mention work with Omeka Classic, which is a completely different software platform, and so they are not compatible with Omeka S

Thanks! Well, that’s disappointing.

But most of the main plugins are upgraded for Omeka S or an equivalent feature exists: see an automatic list built from github and gitlab:

Thanks! It looks like the ones this partner has requested are not available in Omeka-S - but I’m actually just about to try your Annotate plugin to see if it approximates what they want!

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