Module Management

Apologies if this topic already exists elsewhere in the forums. I could not find a topic that discussed what I’m looking for.

Which is responses to the question: How do people/places that have unrestricted module add/delete privileges in their Omeka instances work with their constituencies to have desired functionality without having unsustainable maintenance issues? How are you maximizing options and minimizing technical debt?

Does anyone have protocols in place for a small group to manage successfully the introduction of new modules without unintended consequences to existing Sites? For determining when modules aren’t being used by your Sites and therefore ought to be removed?

The context is that our Online Exhibitions Committee is the maintaining group (other than the great hosting and service we purchase from CDS), and we are wanting both to offer more functionality to our curators and to not expand materially our maintenance labor.

From my perspective the usual model is that there’s a demarcation between users of the Omeka installation, even admin-level, and server-level administrators who would have the necessary permissions to add or remove modules completely. So the decisionmaking on what modules to support/install (and therefore maintain) would run through a single person or group.

I’m not sure if that matches with what you’re trying to accomplish, though.