Modify Header from the code directly

Im discovering how Omeka S works, and im starting to notice that is mainly focused on developing tools to help manage the interface or directly manage the interface and thats it. In omeka classic you could just enter the header.php and do changes, and now im trying to find a way to implement a .ico for the Browser, but i can’t find the header of the site im on so im souposing its being generated in a .php someware…
Anyways i would like to know if any of you found a way to make this types of changes, if it isnt through the code itself, through the interface.
Thank you very much!

Instead of header.php, Omeka S themes tend to include all the header and footer content within view/layout/layout.phtml. You can look at the default theme for example here.

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Thanks!! and i dont know if its too much to ask but, the philosofy of working with omeka s is to avoid touching the source code and manage it through the interface with the help of modules, no? (exept if you are trying to develope a module yourself)

Hi @MiquelMontes, I just thought I would jump in and answer this question. You are correct that you shouldn’t edit the Omeka application files. Doing so would make upgrading to the latest version a lot harder. This is true with all applications/frameworks.

However, as you said, you can extend Omeka with modules that extend or even change some functionality by overriding it.

In the case of your original question here, Omeka has a robust theming system so that you can customize the look and even the front-end functionality of your Omeka site. Making changes to a theme is not the same as modifying the core application files. However, I would recommend not editing the included themes. I would first make a copy with a new folder name and edit the copy. This will help prevent overwriting your template accidently when you upgrade Omeka.


Okay thank you very much!