Mod_rewrite is not enabled

I would like to install Omeka 2.7.1 on Debian 10. But I am stopped by an error requiring mod_rewite to be enabled, whereas mod_rewrite is already enabled. Could you help me to solve this issue?
Omeka 2.7.1
Debian 10
Apache 2.4
PHP 7.3

Thank you

So, the usual reasons you get this message are:

  1. mod_rewrite is disabled or not installed in Apache. You say you’ve checked this already.
  2. The .htaccess file is not in place in the top level of the Omeka installation. This file contains the necessary rewrite rules and if it’s missing you’ll get this error. It’s in the correct place when unzipped, but since it’s a hidden file, it’s possible to accidentally “lose” it if you’re moving files around, so check that it’s there.
  3. Apache is not configured to read .htaccess files. This is the AllowOverride setting in the Apache config file. You want a setting of AllowOverride All for your document root where Omeka is being served from.
  4. More of just a note of something to watch out for: if you’ve made Apache changes like enabling mod_rewrite or changing the configuration to AllowOverride All, you need to restart or reload Apache for those changes to take effect.

There’s a method for ignoring this error and continuing the installation anyway, but I wouldn’t recommend it. When this message is displayed, it almost always means you do have an issue with the rewrites/.htaccess and the software won’t work properly unless you resolve it.

And you’re right. Effectivelly, omeka doesn’t work properly. I would like to try the RewriteEngine solution suggested on the htaccess file. But I would like to know the right syntax of the base directory. Thanksrewrite

Did you resolve this problem? Your other question talks about using the installation on Debian 10 which would make it seem like you have moved past this error.

Yes the problem is resolved. thanks

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