Mirador Viewer went blank

Hi everyone,

I am working on upgrading a 3.1.2 Omeka S version to a 4.0.4. Everything was fine until I found out that the module Mirador Viewer (version is showing nothing at all on my website’s Item public pages.

I believe the IIIFServer and ImageServer modules were properly set up, since the Universal Viewer module works just fine, and displays the IIIF content as it should. Yet, my institution requires Mirador, in order to get OCR text embedded within the item’s Manifest as an annotation, which Universal Viewer cannot provide (but do tell me if we are wrong on that.)

Each item’s Manifest does exist - their URLs return their whole JSON content on my browser. I also checked the website’s themes parameters : the Mirador Viewer is indeed called to build an HTML block. Both website and main installation parameters confirm using Mirador 3.

As you see, this Item page does contain a Mirador Viewer block. Yet it is completely blank, without even the usual “Welcome to Mirador” sign.

Any guesses why? What kind of signal went missing? I am running out of ideas.

Respectfully yours!

Never mind that. It seemed to be needed to add ‘$this->headScript()->prependFile($this->assetUrl(‘vendor/mirador/mirador.min.js’, ‘Omeka’));’ at the beginning of the omeka-s/themes/centerrow/view/layout/layout.phtml file. And Mirador can be called to fill its HTML block.

Still displays in a quite ugly way, though. And no IIIF Search route on sight. Is it normal to set them manually?