Mirador Viewer default theme

Hi all,

I’m having trouble changing the default Mirador Viewer them from light to dark. I’ve changed the setting in the mirador.min.js file, but nothing seems to happen. Using the current version of the module. Any suggestions? Found this on Github, but where in the module files does this go?

To use the dark theme by default, add the following to your settings:

var miradorInstance = Mirador.viewer({
id: ‘mirador’,
selectedTheme: ‘dark’

the place when mirador gets its settings: https://github.com/omeka/omeka-s/blob/3f3937b85045b3cbaad67bc35112b59c1e8febdd/application/src/Media/Renderer/IiifPresentation.php#L13

this settings are later used in declaring an instance of Mirador here:


you can try to add within

before line 10 something like that:

miradorConfig.selectedTheme = ‘dark’;

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Thanks very much! I had to change it in two files (settings.js and mirador.min.js) because I had only changed it in the settings file, and the other was overriding it.

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