Mirador not displaying in items/show - IIIF Toolkit

I’m afraid I must be missing something very obvious.


It says “Embed Mirador in Omeka Classic 2.3+ for building rich IIIF-compliant exhibits”

After installing the plugin though, there is no Mirador viewer being hooked into the item/show page? I think this is the way the UniversalViewer plugin works.

So I looked at all the available documentation, and nowhere does it mention how to manually add the Mirador “block” to a theme.

I do see that on newly added items, the Mirador player is automatically included. It is not loading images correctly, so I’ll have to troubleshoot that separately.

But I guess my question is, if I already have 140,000 items loaded, and then install IIIF Toolkit - how do I enable the Mirador viewer for the previously imported items?

I have checked the plugin status panel and it reports:
Status Panel
Source Imported Items Skipped Items Failed Items Date Status
Adding UUID to collections and items 146883 0 0 2018-05-24 19:16:31 Completed

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