Mirador, installed but unsuccessful in displaying items

Hello–Obviously I am new to all this and sometimes it is like receiving a furniture kit with no directions at all.

With direction from a helpful party, I have Omeka S installed at Reclaim Hosting with Modules IIIF Server version 3.6.14 and Mirador Viewer version I was able to get Mirador onto a page in the site. It seems to be functioning.

I then added two items to Omeka S, using the Dublin Core. These items are two .tiff images. I wish to show them in Mirador in Omeka S.

My images are hosted at IIIFHosting. I have confirmed with them that their suggested Omeka S plugin is out of date and can’t be used.

The current roadblock is that I do not know where in Omeka S to put exactly what to have the images associated with the two items at IIIFHosting appear in Mirador. The Omeka S item Dublin core has many fields and I don’t know where to put the json statement (found by right clicking on the IIIF logo on the image generated at IIIFHosting) to make all this work–if I am understanding all this at all. Instead I get "SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’, "<!DOCTYPE “… is not valid JSON”. I haven’t found any online documentation that speaks to this–at least not that I recognize and can interpret.

Is there a guide on how to align the plumbing from IIIFHosting through Reclaim Hosting into Omeka S so the image hosted at IIIF Hosting will appear in Mirador?

Thank you.