Mirador Book view

Good morning, everyone,

I need insert this object in Mirador to have a default book view as per the screenshot:

var miradorInstance = Mirador.viewer({
id: “mirador”,

window: {

views: [
{ key: ‘single’, behaviors: [‘individuals’] },
{ key: ‘book’ },
{ key: ‘scroll’, behaviors: [‘continuous’] },
{ key: ‘gallery’ },


Where can I insert this text string in the form? Or do you know another method?

Thanks! :pray:

Screenshot 2022-11-28 alle 13.37.26

Hello Matteo,

While it’s not quite the answer to your question, I’ve managed this by editing each individual manifest- as described here:

Adding the following opens the manifest in a paged book view in Mirador:

  "behavior": [

This may not be viable if you are working with many manifests, and perhaps someone else will know if this is possible directly in Mirador.

All the best,

Okay thanks, but how can I edit the manifest so I can add that text string?

Hi Matteo,

In my example, I:

  1. Downloaded the manifest from our image viewer (for example),
  2. Edited the file and inserted the text string
  3. Uploaded the revised manifest to our Omeka S server over FTP, and
  4. Added the new URI to the dcterms:hasFormat property for the relevant item.

I only did this for a small number of items on a single site; others may have more efficient methods for doing this at scale.

All the best,

Hi johndmc,
thnaks for your passes.

Sorry for my ignorance but I can’t understand point 3: Uploaded the revised manifest to our Omeka S server over FTP,

You uploaded yoru manifest to Omeka S over FTP, but I can’t understand where.

Really thanks!

Hi Matteo,

No problem! There is no single answer here, all that matters is that you point the URI for the item’s dcterms:hasFormat property to the location of your revised manifest. This may or may not be on your Omeka server.

For convenience, I created a new folder in the /omeka/files/ directory and uploaded the manifests there. This should ensure the files are not lost during a future site upgrade.

All the best,

Ok thanks! I will try your upload!