Migrating to new Exhibit Builder 3


I wonder is there a way I can migrate content created under “Gallery Narrative Text Top layout” to the Gallery block in the new Exhibit Builder.

Instead what happen I found the content created using the File Text block instead.

Any suggestions is appreciated.

To re-create the ExhibitBuilder 2 Gallery-thumbnails-text-top layout, it’s probably easier to do a File Text Block paired with a Gallery block (thumbnail images). There’s a table of comparative options at the end of the [Exhibit Builder 3 documentation)[http://omeka.org/codex/Plugins/ExhibitBuilder_3.0].

Hi, Thanks for quick response. I might not explain my question clearly.

I do have a content in a Gallery-thumbnails-text-top layout created with Exhibit Builder 2 but when I migrated the content to the new Omeka with Exhibit builder version 3, I found the content migrated Auto and available under the File text block.

Instead I want the content created under Gallery-thumbnails-text-top, to be migrated to the Gallery Block. I do not want to do that by hand since I have 20 exhibits and more than 10 pages in each exhibit. So I was wonder how the migration for new Exhibit Builder decide which block to use?

The actual migration logic is in the file models/ExhibitPageUpgrader.php.

The “gallery-thumbnails-text-top” page layout already does get migrated as a gallery block, though. If you were using a custom layout in the old exhibit builder, the upgrader won’t know what to do with it and will fall back to the most generic option: using the “file with text” block.

If your existing version 2 content is using a custom layout, you could either: change the layout on the old version to one of the standard layouts, and then upgrade, or add a mapping for your custom layout(s) to the ExhibitPageUpgrader.

Hi John,

Thanks for explanation that makes sense.

But I found out that gallery-narrative text top layout in old Exhibit builder is not available on the map of the upgrader file. Instead there is “gallery-thumbnails” on the map and when I replace it with Gallery-narrative, it only shows images without migrating text.

Is there are missing layouts from old exhibit builder not available in the new upgrade file. I can try to work around it but I thought to ask before.

All the built-in layouts from the old version should be covered by ExhibitBuilder 3’s upgrade. But, is “narrative” part of the actual name of your layout?

I don’t believe the stock ExhibitBuilder 2 contained any such layout, so it might be a custom layout you added (and of course the upgrader wouldn’t know any specifics about how to upgrade any custom layouts).