Migrating exhibit pages with omeka import api

Is it at all possible to import Omeka Exhibits from a .net installation to a .org installation using Import API? I have been able to migrate items from one to the other but not exhibits.

If not, is there another way to import an exhibit without importing the entire database? The target installation already has content in it, and I’d like to add material from a separate Omeka instance without overwriting what’s already there.

When you did the import from net to org, did you have Exhibit Builder installed and activated on both installs?

Yes, I did. There are also active exhibits on both.

What versions of Omeka and Exhibit Builder are you running on the target?

Omeka 2.3.1 and Exhibit Builder 3.2.1.

That should work, from what I know. There are a couple more things that’ll help us track it down.

First, could you give the url of the .net sit you are trying to import from? We can try to do the import and see what the results are.

Second, in the site you are importing into, activate error logging and try again, then look in the log file to see what messages it gives. The importer should give lots of info about how far along in the process it got.

turned on error logging and tried it again to see what would pop up, and it ran correctly. I’m not certain what went wrong the first time but it’s working now. Maybe I had some config set up wrong beforehand?

Glad it worked!

There’s any number of things that could have gone wrong – network connection problems, running out of resources on your server, gremlins, etc. But it the only config you changed was for the error logging, probably wasn’t a config setup.