Migrate large site from 2.8 to omeka classic


I will soon receive a backup of a running production size. I have a clean install Omeka classic on my server.
How can I import from the omeka 2.8 backup?

Are there any prep’s I can do while I’m waiting for the backup?

There’s some documentation about moving between servers in the manual. Just for clarity, Omeka 2.8 is Omeka Classic.

You don’t actually need Omeka installed on your destination server to move an install over: basically what it looks like is you need to load in the database from the prior server, and the files. You can either load just the old site’s uploaded files, themes/plugins/etc. into a new copy of the Omeka PHP files (this is the process that the manual describes), or you can just get the entire backed up site’s files, which would include the copy of Omeka Classic 2.8 it was running on.

In general in the latter case all you’d have to do is make sure the database credentials are set up correctly for the new server in the db.ini file.

Thanks. I will get it up and running “as is” and then upgrade from 2.8.
Is upgrading to 3 an easy task?

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