Migrate data from Omeka S to another Omeka S

I want to export all the data from an Omeka S to another Omeka S. I don’t want to modify the database of the second Omeka S. I would rather use the API to export and import all the data.

What is the proper way to do this?


  1. How can I manage the API settings for the site source (A)? I can create API key from my user settings but I don’t see any option to decide which items will be discoverable or not.
  2. How can I import to the destination site (B) the API content? Can I use the omeka2importer extension even if I am importing from Omeka S?

Also, I don’t find how to export items to various format.

Could I ask why the migration is needed? Since Omeka S is designed to be multisite, and items are shared between sites, it might be more easy to just create a new site within the existing installation.

Hi Patrick,

The migration is needed because we want to use another host server for a website. The new host will provide newer version for php with capabilities to run solr, bigger disk usage, etc.

Even if, in our case, the migration is only needed for technical purposes, it would also be good to know that it is possible (and easy) to export all the content of an Omeka S website (through API or other). For now I am a little bit afraid to see export options of Omeka Classic are not yet available in Omeka S.

The API is open, and in theory a script that makes the trip from one installation to another should be easy, I don’t think anyone’s worked on that yet. After all, we just recently came out of beta. I don’t know of anyone having written such a script, though.

Since it sounds like you have access to all the data on both servers, the quickest option I can think of is doing a backup (database, files, modules, themes) from the existing one, then cloning that over to the new server.

That’s very likely quicker and easier than the scripts to read and write between the two, at least for now.

Just to let you know the transfer of database and files worked fine. I am looking forward to intuitive export options integrated to the admin interface though.

Happy new year to the Omeka Team!

Can you share a bit more about the migration? I’m also planning for change in host server, etc. Any tips on migrating items, custom vocab, templates, etc? Thank you.

Hi djklm,

You have to backup the mysql database. I used phpmyadmin to access it and backup. Then you have to deploy (reinstall) this base on your new mysql server host (phpmyadmin has another option to import).

For the omeka S files, you can follow omeka S update guidelines:

Download the latest release from the release page
Make a copy of your /config directory. You will need to restore your local.config.php and database.ini files from that copy.
Make a copy of your /modules and /themes directories.
Make a copy of your /files directory.
Remove all Omeka S files, and replace them with the files from the updated zip file.
Replace your original /config/local.config.php file, and the /modules, /themes, and /files directories that you copied.
In your web browser, go to your site and run any migrations that are needed.

Good luck!

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Thank you! This is super helpful.