Metadata links still point to old server

Greetings, We have recently migrated Omeka to a new server with an upgraded version of Omeka, from 2.4 → 3.0.3. I used the API transfer to move contents over. The problem I am running into now is the links remain aimed at the old server even though the files are confirmed to be on the new server. Is there somewhere I am missing which allows me to point it to the new location?
The attached screenshot shows where I am seeing the old server (
Screenshot (70)

The text used for that link by default is the “original filename” of the file. When you import from a web location, that original filename is set to the URL you downloaded the file from.

So even though it’s a little confusing, that text there doesn’t mean the file is actually linking to its former location, it’s instead just recording where the file came from.

If you set a Dublin Core Title for the file (by clicking that link and editing the File) then the title you give will be shown there instead of this URL.

Thank you! I had literally just discovered that and was about to come here and declare it solved. I should have looked closer before deciding it was a problem. Thank you very much for your quick reply though!