Metadata Browse and Foundation Theme


I am struggling to activate the Metadata Browse (1.51) links on a customised version of the Foundation Theme (1.2.4) while running on Omeka S (3.2.1). The Metadata browse feature works on other themes just fine. I have also activated the block in the Site Admin settings, however I am not seeing any of the links…


Hi, would it be possible to see this site with the customized theme? We might not be able to help you unless we can see clearly what’s been customized.

You are seeing something like the following when looking at the site in question, right? The Metadata Browse tab on the site itself, and a number of fields enabled in the settings?

We have made a few changes to Foundation related to Metadata Browse since v 1.2.4, though I’m not sure they are related to your problem:

Dear Allana,

Thanks so much for reaching out! I think i found what the issue was, I compared the foundation theme i have with another non-foundation theme where metadata browse did work, and i found that in the resource-values.html file within the common folder of the view there was this line missing around line 65/66 between the last two endifs:

<?php $this->trigger('', ['value' => $value]); ?>

After I put that line over, it seems to show up all the metadata browse fields as set up in the site settings. So I think I fixed it. You can see here:

We love this theme!


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