Media expected filenames changed after Omeka S Item import operation

As the title says, I’m looking to use the item importer module (Omeka S Item Importer - Omeka S User Manual)
to move content from one install to another.

After moving both my metadata and content over, images refuse to display. Upon investigation, I found that the filename that the new Omeka S install is attempting to serve for a given image is different than the filename the prior instance was using. As a result, the server checks its media folder, and correctly concludes no file with a matching name exists, and displays a 404. When I try to navigate directly to where the image would be using the old filename, rather than the new filename, it is served correctly, so this appears to be an Omeka issue, rather than an Apache issue.

I have to admit, I’m kind of lost in what could be causing this, so any troubleshooting pointers offered would be much appreciated.

The filename will be different after importing. Are both Omeka installations on the same server? View the import job (on the Manage Import page sidebar) and view the job’s log. Do you see any errors?

When I performed the import, no media files were actually transferred, just their metadata, I pulled the media files from the source server myself, hence my confusion.

As for the log, nothing other than info level logs and a warning about the merge() method approaching deprecation that seems to be fairly normal for batch operations.

Edit: I will note that I did not have “exclude media” checked; One server is hosted in a public cloud environment, and one on the campus network.

It’s strange that there are no errors in the log if files aren’t being imported. On the “Manage Import” page > “Media Ingesters” tab, what remote media ingesters are there? What local mappers are available? Can you think of anything these files have in common that could account for this?

So here’s the contents of that tab

The files are mostly JPGs, with a few .mp4 files. I do have both ImageMagick and FFMPEG in place on the server. “Stubs” for the media do get created:

(looks like I can only embed one image file, so linking to imgur from here out)

but as mentioned, the image file doesn’t come over unless I bring it over myself

That said, properties like the size field appear to be set correctly.

Import configuration is as follows

root endpoint:
query: item_set_id%5B%5D=2566&sort_by=created&sort_order=desc
Import label: Artist Books Test 3
Item Set: Artist books 2 (this is an empty item set that I own)
All checkboxes unchecked, all omitted fields blank

As far as commonalities go, these files are the contents of the entire site, and are also all in the same, singular item set. They are all owned by one user on the original site.

In your local installation, what do you see when you click on the “original” link?

In this instance I got a 404 page. In doing some more troubleshooting, I identified that the media WAS being downloaded, but to a directory different to the one I had mapped within apache. As such, Omeka was searching the wrong directory for the files in question. I got things working, thanks so much for your help!