Media as internal resource

In current Omeka S version, only “item” and “item set” can be selected as internal resources.


In older versions, it was possible to select “media” as well. It was quite useful if you want to indicate your item is linked somehow to some specific file/page/media of another item (and not to do this link to the level of the other item).

  1. Is there another reason behind this change than to simplify and establish item as the descriptive level (at the contrario of media)?

  2. Is there a way to restore the old behavior ? (I have a database built with page/media linked on items, I cannot anymore continue to feed this base)

Which version is this specifically?

I’m not aware of there being this restriction in current versions of Omeka S. There has long been a restriction that the “Media” choice only allows you to select from your item’s own media, though.

Hello, it seems that option (with only only “item” and “item set” as internal resources) is now by default but the link to a media is still available using the Resource template > Data Type (items, media, or item).