Mapping Zotero to DC

Hello Omeka Friends! I am trying to map the abstract field in Zotero to the Omeka description DC field. How can I do this without breaking the all thing down?

Thanks in advance

You might take a look at the mapping in the Zotero Import plugin

Can you point me in right direction? I don’t have the slightest clue where to start. I tried to dig into a couple of files but I was just able to break the entire system :joy:

Thank you very much
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The file with the mapping is models/ZoteroImport/ImportProcess.php


I fighting with this but it seems I am not picking up the logic. I included these two lines but the only result I got so far to make the description field in DC are visible but only if I change $item->description to $item->title, and of course then I see the title inside the Description field.

            // Map the abstract note.
           $this->_elementTexts['Dublin Core']['Description'][] = array('text' => $item->description(), 'html' => false);
           $this->_elementTexts['Zotero']['Abstract Note'][] = array('text' => $item->abstractNote(), 'html' => false);

Am I editing the correct line? Any ideas how to fix this will?

Thank you very much
Best regards

Hello again my friends. Any feedback on this matter is much appreciated…:blush:


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