Mapping Related Items

I have an item type of Project that has 1 or more related items of type Site (awkward, I know but it refers to various types of research sites - archaeological, etc.)

Projects do not (natively) have mapping coordinates, but sites do. I can create a page with a Map Block that displays sites but what I really want to do is display a Map Block that shows projects, with coordinates derived from their sites.

Is that possible? If not, then I guess I will have to assign coordinates to projects based on site relationship, which could be okay.

I am assigning points via the API (not individually within Omeka-S). I noticed that I can assign multiple points per Item via the API. Is there any reason not to do this?

Thank you!

No, it’s not possible to derive markers from related items. You could, of course, assign site coordinates to projects directly. It should be safe to assign multiple points per item via the API.