Mapping marker location placement in Collecting prompt

Running Omeka S 2.1.0 with Collecting 1.3.0 and Mapping 1.2.0


I created a Collecting form that gathers items with geolocation data from visitors, but I’ve run into some trouble with the Mapping prompt.

The Mapping marker in the prompt moves immediately to wherever a user last clicked, but this is also true for any clicks made on the search bar and its buttons (the zoom in/out buttons and dragging to move are unaffected). Every time I click the search button to find a street address or city name, the marker moves. If I choose one of the results from the search bar, the marker moves. If I close the search results, the marker moves.

I’m planning on using the Collecting form with the general public and it’s likely that visitors will carelessly click and set their marker to the wrong location when submitting. Is there a way for the Mapping prompt to only move the Mapping marker’s location after being prompted for a street address, city name, or something similar? Or a way to make the marker placement less “slippery” and more fixed, maybe draggable?


With the references to the search bar and so on, you’re saying that clicking on those parts of the UI is actually moving the map to the location “under” where you clicked?

Clicking on those parts of the UI doesn’t move the map layer around, but it does move the blue map marker icon under where I click.

Thank you for your help!