Manage Newspapers and Magazined

Good morning

We wish to manage Newspapers in Omeka S or even Omeka classic, the Newspapers may have ‘the title’ the issues and the articles or perhaps you may organize newspaper–year–issues—articles

At this moments there is no way to manage directly at omeka and we are discussing several options

Plugin + Template for 3 levels contents?

I wish to ask if anybody has faced this situation and ask how have been address if it was addressed

thanks a lot in advance

Compound objects like newspapers and their articles have always been a little tricky in Omeka Classic. The data is a bit easier to manage in Omeka S, but the theming could need some work to get to the desired display.

In Classic, that often gets handled by using a Collection for the newspaper, and making individual articles Items within that collection.

In S, you have the possibility to use the Dublin Core isPartOf relation, or to use Item Sets in the same way as Collections in Omeka Classic. I think isPartOf makes a bit more sense, but might call for more theme customization.