Making dev copy keeps triggering install script at 1st login

I’m trying to make a dev copy of our existing production instance. Pretty basic process:

  • Create database & import production mysql dump
  • Tar up the web site on production and untar it on the new host
  • Edit config.ini to get the correct php path on the new host

Going to the top level index page in the omeka dir redirects to omeka/install and also throws 5 iterations of this zend error:
Notice : compact(): Undefined variable: extras in /var/www/html/omeka/application/libraries/Zend/View/Helper/HeadLink.php on line 404

Just not seeing where this is going wrong.

This is Omeka 2.6 running on RHEL7 system with Php 7.3 on the dev I’m trying to clone and coming from Omeka 2.6 running on RHEL6 with php5.5 on the source I’m cloning from.


Bobb Menk
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library

You’re sure that on the new host the db.ini is pointing to the database where you loaded in the MySQL dump? And that the credentials are correct and so on, including the prefix?

Basically, the redirect to “install” happens when the system tries to read the “omeka_options” table and cannot, so getting redirected liked that indicates some issue with the database.

The “compact” notice is just down to you being on a newer version of PHP on this new server. Upgrading to the latest Omeka Classic version would eliminate that notice message.

Thanks John

I had an syntax error when I created the omeka db user so it didn’t have the rights it needed & triggered the redirection to the installer. All is now working as expected.

Bobb Menk

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