Making changes in Center Row for better accessibility

I’ve been using Center Row in Does anyone know if there is a way to change to font/text from the gray that comes with the theme to black (or even just a darker gray) for better accessibility? I’m pretty inexperienced with code but could probably figure it out with detailed instructions.

You can install the CSS Editor plugin, then configure it to apply the following style:

body {
  color: #333; // Or whatever hex code you like.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

Hi Kim,
A follow up question or two. Do I add the style above to Configure under the CSS Editor plugin where it indicates ‘The custom CSS you would like to add’? If so, just copy and paste what you indicate above into the box?
Also, I curated some of the exhibits on this site but not all; will this change affect all of the exhibit? Or just the one?
Thanks again!

Yes, that is where you copy and paste the style. It will affect all exhibits. That’s a good point, and I’ll look into a solution where exhibits using a different theme can avoid being affected.

(Another note: I have edited the style to use the body selector instead of html, since CSS Editor doesn’t strips out the latter.)

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