Made a newbie mistake deleted text as an item type - need help fixing it


I was working to add a new Element to the Item Type of Text. I am new so I thought that the delete button would remove the bad entry that I put in. It deleted the whole type!

I have reset up the type in Omeka and I now need to set nearly all of the records to use the type of Text.

I have tried to go into each collection and then use the select all XXX results then edit and set the Item Type to Text for all of the records in the collection.

This does not appear to work.

I get the message

The items are checked and changed one by one in the background. Check logs for success and errors.

at the top of the screen. I left a set to run overnight last night and the records in that collection are not showing the Type of Text as of this morning. I am not sure where to find the log that the message refers to either.

I can manually change 10 at a time by using the select all check box and then using edit. We have 388,797 records so doing this 10 at a time will not be practical.

Is there a way to change all of the records to the Type of Text in bulk or to find the log to see why this might not be working when I select all of the items in a collection?

We are on Omeka Classic 2.50. I am not sure if I should post additional config. info. in these forums, but can provide that if it will help.

Any help would be appreciated.


The “all” batch edit happens with a background job. Do background jobs generally work on your install? (CSV Import or similar importers, for example?)

The log is the Omeka log at application/logs/errors.log. You enable logging with a setting in the config file application/config/config.ini.

We were able to use CSV import before, but now it is not working so I am trying to figure out why. What is the background job named? Is the job set up to run automatically by default? This job not running may be the issue that we are struggling with now.

“You enable logging with a setting in the config file application/config/config.ini.”

What is the setting? Then I can search for it and get that turned on ASAP as it sounds like it will help me to figure out what is happening with the background job.

I was able to go into phpMyAdmin and update all of the records so that they have an item type so that part of the problem has been resolved.

Thank you for your help.


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