Lost connection to media after imported to Omeka S via Omeka 2 importer

Trying to import items from Omeka Classic to Omeka s
Omeka Classic 3.1, PHP 8.1.20, MySQL 8.1.20/10.3.35
Omeka S 4.0.1, PHP 8.1.20, MySQL 8.1.20/10.3.35

Just a default import all items w/o collections and tags. The job was completed with no error message. When checking imported items, all metadata are good. When I switch to the media, all file names are there, but the image won’t show up. Checked the File folder on the server, they are there, including original, medium, large and square.
Maybe missed some settings when I set up the import job?
Any help would be much appreciated!

Can you show a screenshot of what the admin media show page looks like for one of these media?

Is it the page you would like to see?

Not quite: if you go to just view an item, not edit it, there will be a list of its media on the right sidebar. Clicking the media name in that list will take you to the media show page, the page I’m looking for.

OK, I have an idea of what’s maybe happening here.

Can you paste in the full URL of the item page, or even the S admin dashboard page? A screenshot of the browser showing the URL bar on one of those pages will work too.

Your broken page trying to view one of the images shows what’s probably the issue: the link has an odd “port 80” portion in it, which is probably breaking all attempts to load any images and making it look like they’re not there. I assume the URLs to the rest of the pages don’t include that :80 portion in the URL. This is probably related to your installation being behind a reverse proxy, possibly one operated by your institution.

Have you done any workarounds, edits to your .htaccess, or anything like that related to HTTPS?

If I’m right about the problem, I have a possible solution also. You could add the following line to the .htaccess file at the top level of the Omeka S installation:

RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto https

Yes, the URL contains port number “:80”.
I removed the “:80” part and the image is loaded.
I will try to modify the .htaccess file to see if it can solve the problem. Will let you know.
Thanks a lot!

The suggested solution works great. Thanks a lot.