Losing Neatline Exhibits due to a bug

Dear Forum:
The service hosting my Omeka Classic site 3.1 (byrononlineproject.com) recently migrated from one server to another. In so doing, the three exhibits that I created using Neatline 3.1 are no longer accessible due to a bug, according to the host server. When I visit my dashboard, I can consult the exhibit settings for the Neatline exhibits, but I no longer have a public or fullscreen view. Would it be possible to de-bug Neatline to resuscitate the exhibits? I spent many hours putting them together; and, as far as data viz experiments go, the exhibits are the core of the site. Is Neatline still supported by Omeka? I’m not a developer nor a programmer, which is why I chose Omeka to build the site. Many thanks, and Be well …Paul

Two things:

First, in practical terms, it will be difficult for anyone to help you until you have a specific error for folks to work on. To do that, you can turn on error reporting.

Second, Neatline is not an Omeka Team produced plugin, so the core staff has never supported it. The original set of plugins was created by the team at the Scholar’s Lab at the University of Virginia. Recently they have handed off the maintenance and support of the plugins to Performant Software Solutions. Once you get that error message you might approach Performant, either through their main site or preferably via the github repository for the plugin..

Thank you SharonLeon. I spent many hours working up the Neatline exhibits and would hate to lose them. I was not aware of the role of PSS – I will follow up on your tip that I appreciate greatly. be well …Paul

Dear SharonLeon; I have downloaded the error reporting and delivered it to the Performant Neatline GitHub. I’m waiting for a response. Thanks once again. Be well …Paul