Looks like ImageMagick is not really optional

I just fixed the following problem in our installation: https://forum.omeka.org/t/omeka-s-encountered-an-error-add-an-item/5134

It took me quite some time, to figure out, what the problem was, since the message I got was just “Omeka encountered an error.”

To me looks like adding media to items will never work without having ImageMagick installed.

I would therefore like to suggest to change the following paragraph of the installation instructions:

“Optional, to create thumbnails: ImageMagick version 6.7.5 or greater, the PHP imagick extension, or the PHP gd extension.”

Thanks a lot for the wonderful software you provide !

You can configure the system to use GD (already included in most PHP installations) or disable thumbnailing completely through the configuration file. That thumbnailer alias line can be changed to Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\Gd or Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\NoThumbnail for those options.