Looking for someone who can debug my Omeka site

I am looking to hire someone to complete the final steps of creating an online archive on Omeka. I’m looking for a partner with experience in debugging broken Omeka configurations, and interested in helping essential content get back online.

The archive preserves the history of a largely undocumented anti-nuclear waste landfill campaign in the Mojave Desert’s Ward Valley that took place between the late 1980s and the early 2000s. Five Indigenous tribes and white anti-nuclear activists used lawsuits, policy advocacy, spiritual ceremonies and a 113-day occupation to prevent construction of the last nuclear waste landfill proposed in California. Much of the construction of the archive has already been completed, including uploading the archival documents (1.5 GB of 1,298 individual documents). However, it has since been broken and needs to be fixed.

The archive was initially hosted by Omeka’s suggested host, Reclaim.com, with files held on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) server. However, the Omeka site was accidentally broken by a volunteer tech collaborator in December of 2019, I believe in the process of switching the from Reclaim to his preferred, and free, hosting provider, Dream Host. The Reclaim hosting expired in June of 2020. Dream Host services appear to be ongoing.


  • Assess current Omeka website configuration and identify the problem.
  • Resolve identified issues so the Omeka website is once again visible
  • Advise on any other updates that need to be made to the Omeka site, the hosting arrangement, or the AWS configuration.

If interested, please contact me and we can explore what it might look like to work together. t.perkins@asu.edu