Looking for a complete API-documentation (classes with their properties/functions)

Dear all,

I’m starting to develop for Omeka S and I’m still looking for a complete overview about packagse, classes and their properties with function. (API documentation) I came from the java world and there is mostly an overview like this:


I couldn’t find such documentation for Omeka S and it’s hard not to know e.g. which functions I can use with $media. The documentation about media told not about there is a linkPretty()…

Thanks for infos about that.

That’s an interesting question.

The source code is annotated with doc comments that make that kind of generated documentation possible, but there’s been an interesting turn away from those generators for some reason. The developer documentation contained generated “javadoc”-style documentation, but we encountered some issues with the tools used to build it, and therefore keep it useful and up to date. ApiGen, a tool we were using, seems to be abandoned for several years, and Sami, another similar tool used by major PHP project Symfony, is explicitly abandoned. The URL that used to point to Symfony’s API documentation now just goes directly to their Github.

I’m not opposed to restoring that type of generated documentation, but I don’t know that we have an immediate path towards doing so.

linkPretty is actually included in our hand-written prose documentation, in the page on representations.

it would be nice if there would be a complete API documentation in the medium term. The example with the function prettyLink shows quite well why it would be necessary. There is no overview which functions the class Media can call and with which arguments I can call them. The mention that the function exists appears in an example, but not as structured information.

Note that if you enable the autocompletion in your editor, you can see all the infos from the doc blocks directly. I pull request regularly for that purpose.