Long blank space below footer (default theme)

Omeka S version 3.0.2 | Default Theme 1.6.0 | Chrome Browser | Mac

There’s a long blank space (a few scrolls worth) below the footer on all item pages. I haven’t updated to Default Theme 1.6.1 (still using 1.6.0). The papers theme doesn’t display the long blank space below the footer. There’s no custom CSS and I’ve tried with and without the universal viewer with the same blank space below the footer.

Any ideas why the blank space appears on every item page?

It looks like this is caused by the very large size of your navigation: even when hidden, it’s taking up the amount of vertical space it needs, causing that extra blank space at the bottom.

It’s probably something we can resolve in the theme, but we’ll have to look into it.

[EDIT] It looks like it was already added in the asset css file on Github!
[EDIT2] I replaced the style.css file and it works! THANK YOU!

Ah, that makes sense. Do I need to open an issue on the github repo? Thanks!

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