Login trouble with Omeka Classic on MAMP

Hi all, sorry for such a rudimentary question, but I’ve been trying to fix this myself for ages and can’t find any solutions in the forums, documentation, or elsewhere:

I just installed Omeka Classic on MAMP for OSX. Everything looks fine, I can access my site online, but I can’t log in to the admin page and I’m at wit’s end trying to understand why. Any suggestions? I’m sure that my username and password are correct.

Thanks so much.

Have you tried going into the phpmyadmin?

Hi, yes I have, but what should I look for or correct there? I’m very new to all of this, and find that a lot of suggestions, and the Omeka documentation, are not really so transparent for novices like me.

Never mind, I got it! I’d looked at that thread before and not understood what it was saying. But it made more sense this time – sorry for the redundancy!

No worries! Navigating phpmyadmin can be very confusing at first. I hope you were able to get in.