Login Required before accessing the site

I am using Omeka S (4.0) and I want to add a login page before accessing the site. I also want to add a registration page so that users can create an account. How can I do that?

Thank you

Hi there! You can’t. Omeka is designed to be an open platform. You can have an S platform with one site that is set to private, so that the page that would normally list a selection of sites only shows the link to log in.


You can have installation users set to the lowest level of permissions (Researcher) but they will always have administrative access to the backend:


And then each of those users can be given Viewer access to the one particular site you wish them to see:


But this is not the same thing as having private access to a site. They will always have admin access, not just front-end access.

We also don’t offer a registration page. I believe there may be some third-party modules that will add things like a registration form or some more of your requests, but they are not supported by the Omeka team.