Logging SQL statement seem not working

I am having a hard time with obtaining sql statements for users (adding, deleting, editing) . I found out that I could log sql statements by enabling it in config.ini file. I changed ‘false’ to ‘true’ for both "log.errors = false
" and “log.sql = false” and then added a new user but errors.log hasn’t been updated. I am totally lost. Please help. Thank you.

I did enabled “SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development” in .htaccess file but still not log sql statement.

Make sure the log file is writable by the web server.

Hi Jim. Thank you for your advice. The web server should be able to write the error.log but nothing has been logged. So I suppose I must be missing something… I wanted to know what sql statements and functions would be executed when a user was added, deleted, or edited. I am not familiar with Zend and so I thought error log would be a short cut, but I guess reading programs will be only way to understand how Omeka works.

Also change the log.priority line to be Zend_Log::DEBUG