Log for login errors?

I’ve got an installation of Omeka on my hosted server that I am starting to use for student projects, which means I have lots of accounts for the students. Most of the time this is okay, but every now and then I have one or two students who really struggle with technology and repeatedly have trouble setting up their accounts and logging into them. Is there an option or plugin to keep a log of login errors? It would make it a lot easier for me to help the students. I think I saw a plugin for Omeka S that creates logs, but nothing for Classic.


Omeka Classic does record failed logins in its log, but only with the IP address of the client making the failed attempt.

These are “INFO” level log messages so you have to enable more detailed logging than default in the application/config/config.ini file, by setting INFO instead of WARN on the log.priority line (and of course you need logging to be enabled).