Location of Scripto "files"

I have an issue with Scripto.
Where the “files” located? I see where Scripto was used to add HTML documents to some of the Collection pages.
I can see the HTML document just fine, despite not having MediaWiki up and running.

So it’s definitely somehow somewhere “in” Omeka because Omeka was the only thing installed on this server.

Are these in XML format somewhere as flat files? Or are they like blob objects somewhere in the database? I tried searching both places, but I can’t find them.

Scripto requires a MediaWiki installation to function. Once one is installed, go the the plugin’s configuration page and enter your “MediaWiki API URL”. Once you’ve done that, your Omeka items that have files should display a link to transcribe the file.

It might not be Scripto after all. Now, I’m perplexed.

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