Location of ffmpeg options

We would like to have thumbnails for the videos we have collected. I understand that ffmpeg needs to be installed, and that Imagemagick will locate it. This does not seem to working–imagemagick can’t find ffmpeg–so I have some questions. 1) where should imagemagick be installed? 2) where should ffmpeg be installed? 3) What configuration files need to be changed/updated? 4) Where are the options set for ffmpeg to generate .jpg thumbnails.

Typically if ffmpeg is installed, ImageMagick “just works” with it, no configuration changes necessary.

For most servers both of these are just installed from the distribution package manager.

John, thanks for your reply.
Part of the problem is/was neither ImageMagic, nor ffmpeg was installed via the distro, and we are using shared hosting.
The second which prompts the configuration question, is we would like to assure that ffmpge does not use the first few frames of a video which can be a blank leader. There is a straight forward cli option for this, hence the query as to where we can access the options.

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