Local URL not working for CSV Upload

Hi, I’ve recently installed an instance of Omeka Classic for a colleague to use as a test platform, I’m new to Omeka but familiar with server administration.

When we try and use CSV import it skips the files, metadata works, and files work when getting them from an external URL, but when I try and get at them from a local publicly available URL (hosted on the same machine but publicly available) they fail.

I enabled logging and get the error:
Could not import file ‘https://alexdaulby.com/omeka/plugins/Dropbox/files/TR_ANS_Cameron_1993_StErkenwald.txt’: Could not transfer the file from “https://alexdaulby.com/omeka/plugins/Dropbox/files/TR_ANS_Cameron_1993_StErkenwald.txt” to “/tmp/7ad80e61e0e5b4e4f6f8a31a2f2a91ab.txt”: Unable to Connect to ssl://alexdaulby.com:443. Error #0:
We used the Dropbox plugin folder as the store as we already had some assets in there, but it is publicly available!

I suspect the issue may be due to a server configuration issue but I have no idea what.
If anyone could give me a kick in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

The “Error #0” tends to mean that the server wasn’t able to verify the TLS certificate for the site (you’re using an HTTPS url). It looks like this is an issue with your server setup for TLS/SSL: you’re missing an intermediate certificate you should be sending. Browsers don’t tend to have as much trouble with this kind of issue as server-side processes do, for various reasons. Fixing your HTTPS setup will probably fix this problem.

You may also be able to just sidestep the issue: if your site is accessible with HTTP you could use that, as well as potentially just using “localhost” as the domain.

That’s great thanks. The server redirects all HTTP to HTTPS so I’ll have a look at the intermediate certificate. I did try localhost but that would also redirect so suspect the issue would still be in play.

Something for me to work with anyway, thanks for your help.

Just should anyone else have the same issue, it was exactly as jflatnes suspected.

I added the Intermediate ‘Bundle’ certificate to my store and pointed to it in the Apache2 configuration and it worked perfectly.

Thanks again for your help.

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