Local Host set up - How would i change directory of where files are uploaded?

Hi. I am new to the forum so apologies if not posting in the right area. I have successfully set up Omeka with Mamp running on Mac Os 10.5.8 including the imageMagik. First test all works.

My question now however is that i would like for all my uploads to be saved on an external hard drive if that makes any sense rather than on the my own computers hard drive within the files folder. The archive i am working on will eventually be handed back to the organisation which i was hoping would remain on the external harddrive. They have not decided if they want the archive available online yet so this was to be a workable option.

Any help or ideas on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

*Mac OS 10.8.5 (sorry always confuse that!)

You could set up the files directory as a symlink to the drive, or mount the drive directly in the files directory, or you can also configure Omeka to store to a different location.

For the configuration route, in application/config/config.ini, add a line storage.adapterOptions.localDir = "" and give the unix path to where you want to store files within the quotation marks. Generally you’re also going to need to set storage.adapterOptions.webDir when you set a custom path like that, giving the URL that directory can be reached at (you’d have to set up Apache to serve from that directory, at least if you want the files to be accessible).

Thank you for your reply. I attempted first two but my mac knowledge was not quite up to it so did the third option which seems to work by putting a full omeka install on to the external hard drive, redirecting Apache from Mamp from which it is running and setting up the path directs in the config.ini. Hopefully this will be work building the digital archive and then I will just need to install mamp hopefully on one of their machines unless they decide to install online at which point i hope it is a simple migration / transfer of the external site to server.

So, so far so good. In fact, I’m feeling almost a little bit clever now which is a nice way to end the day, thank you!

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