Little question on Footer text

I use Omeka with the template Seasons and i would like to modify the Footer Text.
Is it possible to insert images in the footer text if i write it with html code if the images are on my local Mac and not on the server ? i am not totally administrator of the site and i can’t create all i want
so, if it is possible please may you give me the code html to insert images in the footer text

thank you for your help and sorry for my poor english
have a nice day

You can not use an image on a web page, if the images are only in your local disk. You can upload the images somewhere via “admin images” plugin on your omeka site, or any other place on web and then write html code o set it on footer.

This Admin Images plugin allows administrators to upload images not attached to items for use in carousels and simple pages

thank you very much for your response but i can’t add any plug in so i think that it is impossible for me to put images in the footer text…

Why can’t you add plugins?

because i don’t have the rights and the administrator limits the number and the choice of plugins

You might talk to the site’s administrators about what they have as allowed html on the site’s security settings. They may be able to tweak it to allow an img tag, although you would have to put the image online somewhere else.

i have the possibility to allow html on the site’s security settings but i don’t understand how to write my html code to insert image somewhere else

Here’s a tutorial on html img tags, but, as onurmetin said above, the image must be online in order for the img tag to work. You’ll need to upload it somewhere you can link from - see if your administrator can put it somewhere in the same webspace as the Omeka install.

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