List of Sites showing error undefined thumbnail

Hi there,
I’m wondering if anyone using Omeka S version 3.2.0 has gotten this error when using the “list of sites” page block on their site:

Notice : Undefined variable: showThumbnail in
/home/nameofsite/application/view/common/site-list-entry.phtml on line 2

This is what it shows on line 2: $thumbnail = $showThumbnail ? $site->thumbnail() : null;

It’s displaying the summary of the site just fine. It’s throwing this error whether there is actually a thumbnail or not set for each site.

Any help appreciated.


What theme are you using? And is it custom (or customized)?

Yes, I’m using a custom theme.

Does your theme have a customized view for the “list of sites” block? I’m thinking what’s happening here is that your theme has its own view there that just needs to be slightly updated to pass along the showThumbnail option.

Oh yes, I don’t even remember having this custom view, but there it is! That was the answer. Thanks so much!