List of Omeka-S Sites

I realize Omeka-S was recently released, but is there a list of Omeka-S sites in production similar to, or a way to identify Omeka-S sites on that list? Thanks!

Cheers, Paul

There is not a list as yet, but we do now have the option to submit Omeka S sites through the Sites Using form (there’s a dropdown) and we plan to add a directory of Omeka S sites once we reach critical mass (say at least five)

Note that the main site under Omeka S (beta), is Paris Sciences et Lettres, a big French university,

I’m also looking for a list of sites using Omeka S; have you reached a critical mass yet ? ;-}}

Thanks - -


Not yet, sadly. But we’re accepting submissions of people’s sites via the form and will put out a call to try and get some more. Feel free to spread the word.

The directory is live! Thanks to everyone who has shared their sites with us.

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