Links for Editing Tags in admin interface not working

Omeka 2.6, PHP 5.6, Berlin Theme

When clicking the tag browser, I should be able to click the count to get a list of tags back, or click a tag to get a list of records using it. However, neither of those two options are clickable. Only the delete tag link is working. I’m talking about options 1 & 2 in the image that display to the left of the tag list in the tag browser.


Bobb Menk

Option 1 will only work when you have filtered to record type Item.

Clicking the name of the tag (option 2) should allow you to edit the tag - does it not allow you to start changing the title?

That’s nice and easy - thank you!

Because this added step for Option 1 isn’t intuitive, it would be helpful if you guys could add something about needing to select a record type to the Option 1 text in the next release.