Linking From Media Thumbnail To Site Page Rather Than Item Show Page?

Not sure if this is a module or perhaps a theme-related question, but is there any kind of Page Block behavior that would make it possible to click directly on a media embed thumbnail and go to a site page rather than to the item show page? We don’t always want to be taken by default to the item show page.

We understand we can configure a caption (which appears beneath the media) to go to a URL, but in that case we’d get two different behaviors depending if the user clicked on a thumbnail (or the title directly beneath the thumbnail) or the caption.

Although I believe we could use an html block with a web accessible image that links to an Omeka page or use an Omeka asset — either of these options could get messy for our users. I looked a bit into Blocks Plus, which has many extended features, but didn’t see anything with the quite this behavior (although I could be missing something).


I’m not aware of an existing option or module that works this way. Usually the assumption is that blocks embedding the items want to go to the items. We’ve had more of the opposite kind of demand, where people are looking to use images that aren’t really part of the described content of the site, and that’s the reason we have the Asset block.

In terms of your out-of-the-box options, I think the Asset block is your best one, and you get the freedom there to have the image differ in some way from the “real” one attached to the item: a different cropping, with text or graphics added, etc. But of course that does mean some duplication of media as assets to make that work.

It’s possible to make a block that does work this way, i.e. one that takes an attachment and sets a link to a page or custom URL. In that case you’d be looking at making a module to add the custom block.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your confirmation of the available options and suggestion about using the Asset block linking functionality. This is helpful, if not quite what we’d like to do from a usability standpoint. Among the concerns being multiple site builders having to create and keep track of assets, and perhaps also some screen reader issues. In any case, we’ll put this in our backlog for now and consider how much effort might be involved in custom work on the module or perhaps theme level.